Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Adobe Photoshop - Creating a Website Part 1

Creating Websites in Adobe Photoshop can be easy if you know how to do it, in this tutorial I  will show you have to design a website and the HTML and CSS (HTML and CSS covered in part 2) for it aswell.

For Part 2 Click Here

The finished one

Step 1: Create a new image
What the image should look like so far
 Create a new image with the dimensions 900 width and 800 height. Choose the Rectangle Tool (U) and create a box at the top like in the picture, make sure you have fill on so it fills in the box.

Step 2: Background
In this step, just make another box (Behind the first one)
and fill it with a light colour.

Step 3: A line
A line lighter than both colours
is used as a separator

I used the line tool(U) with a light colour to separate both the boxes.

Step 4: Stylizing
Website with the effect added

Use the Brush Tool (B), size 700+, hardness 0, and with a layer between the top box and the bottom box just press once and lower the opacity of the layer to create the effect shown in the picture.

Step 5: Stylize part 2

Now do the same again but on the top box.

Step 6: Site Content Boxes
What it should look like
Now use the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) with the radius of 5px, use a slight darker colour than the one you used for the bottom box and create a box like the biggest one here. Next choose an even darker colour and do another box on the right, to make the bottom box choose a colour with a shade that is in between the other two boxes. I also started sorting the layers into groups.

Step 7:Navigation Links
What the navigation should look like

Here I created links for the navigation bar using a very light grey. For the arrow next to "Navigation" I used an arrow from the Custom Shape Tool(U).

Step 8: Search Function
The search Function

To make the search bar I used the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) again with a light gray and then 
copy the layer (Ctrl + J) and put it behind the first one and make it a darker colour and move it up 1px and left 1px. To make to "GO" Button first make a square box with the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) and add a gradient overlay, I did mine at a 45º angle and used the colours #a90d0e (Top left) and #d71315 (Bottom right) Then I added  the "GO" Text and put it all in it's own group.

Step 9: Logo
For the logo I made a new layer and simply typed my logo in pure white and added a Custom Shape, which is the butterfly.

Step 10: Text
When the text is added

For the main content on the site (The main Text) I created another lighter box and added white text to it, in the dark box I added the date of which the text was added and the text also has a header.

Step 11: Finishing Touches

Here I did a few finishing touches like adding a page navigating (Highlighted in red) and added some external link. You can also see that all the layers are all sorted in groups within groups.

This is part 1 on Creating a website with Adobe Photoshop, part 2 will show you how to slice the image and generate the HTML and CSS for the website.

For Part 2 Click Here

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Student & Teacher Edition

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