Saturday, 4 September 2010

Adobe Photoshop - Creating a Website Part 2

For Part 1 of Creating a Website Part 1 Click Here.

Part 2 explains how to create the HTML and CSS  for the website that we created in part 1.

Step 1: Slicing the Image

For the first step just select the Slice Select Tool (C), with this tool we are going to slice our website up to create all the different images.

Step 2: Start Slicing
In this step just right click on your image and select Divide Slice... and a dialogue box will appear, put in the settings as shown here. This is the start of slicing your site.

Step 3: More Slicing
 After you have pressed ok your image should look like this.

Now drag the lines so they start to fit your site, like I did here.

Step 4: More Slicing
 Now keep dividing up your site by Right Clicking and selecting Divide Slice...

Make sure that everything that will be clicked is in its separate slice so that it can be made into a link.

Step 5: Saving the Image
Now to save the site (w/ CSS and HTML) go to File>Save for Web & Devices...  That should bring up the Dialogue like this. Put the Format as HTML and Images.

Then put the Settings as Other, which will bring up this dialogue.

Now enter these settings and click Ok.

Now when you are done Click save and you will have a folder with all the images and HTML and CSS ready to be uploaded to the internet.


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